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  • As UCSB’s Sustainability Champion, computer scientist Chandra Krintz has moved closer to her goal of enabling smarter, more sustainable farming through technology
    Jun 29 2016
  • Dr. Stucky is being recognized for a major advance in medical technology, the development a kaolin clay-based gauze that can stanch arterial bleeding. The potentially life-saving innovation has become a staple for first responders.
    Mar 22 2016
  • The White House announced Professor Art Gossard is to receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, representing the nation’s highest honors for achievement in leadership in advancing the fields of science and technology.
    Dec 23 2015
  • UCSB Professors John Bowers, Umesh Mishra, Galen Stucky, and Craig Hawker have been honored with prestigious distinction by The National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
    Dec 15 2015
  • The Institute's executive director David Auston has been honored with the Award for Outstanding Faculty Leadership in Presidential Initiatives for his efforts to achieve carbon neutrality within the University of California system. David Auston is one of ten UC faculty members to receive the award.
    Nov 20 2015
  • Computer Science Professor Chandra Krintz recently gave a TEDx talk about how the same data analysis and prediction techniques used by tech companies such as Amazon and Google for targeted advertisement and marketing could be used to make farmers and ranchers more productive.
    Nov 9 2015
  • A group of 200 scientists and scholars, including IEE's Executive Director David Auston, gathered at UC San Diego Oct. 26-27 for the first UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality that takes aim at greenhouse gas reduction.
    Nov 5 2015
  • UCSB's Daily Nexus covers the key moments of the 2015 International Year of Light. This year's symposium featured the world's pioneers in light based technology, including three UCSB Nobel Laureates.
    Oct 16 2015
  • UCSB’s International Year of Light Symposium highlighted the science and engineering behind the light technology that has come to dominate not only communications and energy efficiency, but also medicine and entertainment.
    Oct 12 2015
  • The American Institute for Managing Integrated Photonics is aiming for a January 2 launch date. The Institute has an 11-member management team in place, and that group is moving rapidly to bring industrial partners into the fold and chart a course for the organization.
    Oct 7 2015

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