Graduate & Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Institute for Energy Efficiency supports graduate students across its six research groups through competitive fellowships.  These awards are granted to students who demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to affecting vital change in the field of energy efficiency.  Please find more information on our fellowships programming below:

Holbrook Foundation Fellowships
The Holbrook Foundation Fellowships are designed to attract and support outstanding prospective graduate students with a research focus in energy efficiency to UC Santa Barbara.

Peter J. Frenkel Foundation Fellowships
The Peter J. Frenkel Fellowships recognize outstanding graduate research in energy or energy efficiency by students who have reached advanced doctoral candidacy.

Institute for Energy Efficiency Postdoctoral Fellowships
The Institute for Energy Efficiency supports postdoctoral research under the direction of Institute faculty members on a selective basis.  For available postdoctoral positions, please contact faculty members or departments directly.

For more information please email information [at] iee [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.

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