Buildings & Design Solutions Group: Faculty

Bassam Bamieh

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bassam Bamieh's research interests are in the fundamentals of control and dynamical systems, as well as the applications of systems and feedback techniques in several physical...
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Bryan Eisenhower

Associate Director of the Center for Energy Efficient Design

Bryan Eisenhower is interested in cutting edge research in design and optimization of mechanical systems ranging from heating and cooling equipment, to power generation and whole-building systems...

Frédéric Gibou 

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics

Frédéric Gibou's research is focused on the design and the applications of new high resolution multi-scale computational algorithms for a variety of applications including materials science...
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João Hespanha

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

João Hespanha’s current research interests include hybrid and switched systems; the modeling and control of communication networks; distributed control...
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Eric Matthys

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Eric Matthys' research interests include non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and heat transfer, with experimental investigations of the characteristics of complex fluids such as surfactant solutions or polymer solutions, especially turbulent flow...
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Eckart Meiburg 

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Eckart Meiburg's research interests lie in the general area of fluid dynamics and transport phenomena. He primarily employs the tools of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)...
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Carl Meinhart

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Meinhart's research group investigates fundamental fluid mechanics problems at the micro-scale and nano-scale, with special emphasis on transport issues in MEMS-based sensors for detection...
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Igor Mezic

Buildings & Design Solutions Group Head
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics

Igor Mezic’s research interests include the science and technology of energy efficiency dynamics...
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Jeffrey Moehlis

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Moehlis’s research interests include applying dynamical systems techniques to understand the response dynamics of neural populations, the dynamics of natural and artifical swarms...
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Brad Paden

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Paden's research is directed at understanding the dynamics and control of electromechanical systems. Applications of interest are biomedical systems...
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Sumita Pennathur

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Sumita's research in the Nanoscale Device Laboratory is focused on novel studies of chemical and biological species using fabricated nanoscale devices with special attention to energy conversion...

Kimberly Turner

Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering

The focus of Prof. Kimberly Turner's group is in understanding the physics of microscale devices from experimental dynamic motion behavior of the system. They design, model, analyze and experimentally characterize the dynamics of various MEMS devices...
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Henry Yang 

Chancellor; Professor, Mechancial Engineering

Under Henry Yang’s leadership as chancellor, UC Santa Barbara has become a leader in energy-efficient building and design. The campus is home to the most LEED-certified buildings in the UC system (ten)...
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