Sustainability Solutions Group: Projects

The Sustainability Solutions Group is focused on research breakthroughs in the following areas:

Life Cycle Assessment: To understand the entire lifespan of a product, from resource extraction and manufacture to use and disposal, our researchers apply the techniques of life cycle assessment (LCA). Research has examined such crucial issues as supplies of rare earth elements, system energy flows, and supply loops for recycling and reuse. Our faculty recently developed a clean car calculator, which determines the environmental and cost impact of various car models. Other projects have focused on water consumption of biofuel production and the life cycle of the emerging class of nanotechnology materials.

Renewable Energy: To help renewable technology advancements find a place in a complex energy marketplace, our researchers address broad questions of how to produce an effective national and global energy mix that meets our needs while reducing environmental impact. Moreover, our work helps to identify trends in the industry and the role of renewables, such as wind and solar. 

The Sustainability Solutions Group answers key questions about how technologies developed at UC Santa Barbara and elsewhere may perform, how they will impact the economy and the environment, and what kinds of policies encourage their adoption.

Each material, device and application developed by the Institute faces unique economic and environmental challenges. When our energy efficiency solutions meet key market insights and well-designed policy, we have the opportunity to speed the transition to 21st century energy economy.

Highlights of Recent Research:

Investigating the Environmental Impacts of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies

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