Before Your Trip

Travel Approval

All travel requires pre-approval. Please complete the Travel Approval Form, obtain your PI’s signature, and submit to your IEE travel processor before your trip.

Travel Advances

Travel advances can be issued for expenses incurred prior to travel, such as airfare and registration fees. If you need an advance, please indicate this on the travel approval form and attach receipts for your incurred expenses.  Receipts must be itemized and show proof of payment.

Please plan ahead and submit advance requests at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.  Advances cannot be issued after you leave for your trip, or if you have previous travel advances that have not been cleared.

If you receive a travel advance, you are required to clear the advance within 14 days of your trip completion by submitting a travel reimbursement worksheet; this form is required, even if you don't have additional expenses to report.

Non-Business Time During Travel

If your purchased airfare is indirect and/or includes personal time, please print a quote that shows what the cost of airfare would have been for direct travel on business dates. Submit the quote to us in addition to your actual airfare receipt. The quote should be printed on the same date that you actually purchase your ticket.

Car Rental

In order to receive reduced rates that include insurance coverage, car rental reservations must be made using the UC contract number with Hertz, National, or Enterprise. If you do not use the UC contract number, any additional insurance coverage you consent to is not a reimbursable expense.

Recommendation: Use Connexxus!  Car rental reservations made through Connexxus are automatically booked under the UC contract, at discounted rates with full insurance coverage included.

Direct Bill your Airfare

Use Connexxus!  The BCD Travel and UC Travel Center booking tools in Connexxus offer the option to direct bill your airfare to UCSB.  To direct bill airfare, please provide your itinerary to your IEE travel processor and request a direct bill authorization number (DBAN) to finalize your booking.

According to UC Policy (BFB-G-28), coach class much be used for all travel. There are certain circumstances, including medical restrictions, which warrent upgraded flights, however a doctor's note will be required.

Foreign Travel

Under the Fly America Act, US Flag Carriers must be used for all travel paid on federal funds, including NSF.  Please book all foreign travel on federal funds directly through a flag carrier website, for example American Airlines or United Airlines.

Due to the complicated nature of foreign travel, please discuss foreign travel plans with your IEE travel processor in advance.

Please ensure that your travel is registered for UC Business Travel Insurance.

Travel Packages

Reimbursement of travel packages is only allowed if you can provide an itemized breakdown of the expenses, for example the exact amount charged for airfare, car rental, lodging, etc.  Travel packages should not be booked unless you have confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized.  Please do not purchase travel packages through vendors such as Travelocity and Expedia.

During Your Trip

As a traveler on University funding, it is your responsibility to ensure that your travel expenses are reasonable and well-documented. 

Please keep receipts for all of your transportation expenses (airfare, rental car, taxi, metro, bus), lodging, parking, baggage fees, etc.  When requesting reimbursement for travel expenses such as airfare, rental cars, lodging and registration fees, we require an itemized receipt showing payment confirmation. We cannot accept quotes or estimates.  

If you are missing a required receipt, please fill out the Documentation of Missing Evidence Form.

  • Meals: Currently, we do not require receipts for meals during travel, but there is a $71/day maximum allowance.This is NOT to be treated as a per diem rate.  You should report meal expenses based on the actual expenses you have incurred.  You will be required to provide meal receipts if you appear to be treating the daily maximum allowance as a per diem.
  • Lodging: If you share a hotel room, please request that the invoice is divided accordingly. This is especially important if you and your roommate are not funded on the same account.  Failure to do so may delay your reimbursement.

After Your Trip

Please turn in your reimbursement worksheet signed by your PI along with all receipts within 21 days of your trip completion.


Travel Approval/Advance Form
Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet
Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet
Missing Evidence Form

Please submit to:

Whitney Worthington
Financial Coordinator
whitney [at] iee [dot] ucsb [dot] edu
Office: Phelps 2314

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